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5 Best Quick Chargers for the Galaxy Note 9



These are the best quick chargers for the Galaxy Note 9 and why we think you should buy one. In fact, buying the right charger makes a huge difference in how fast your Galaxy Note 9 battery will recharge.

Samsung’s Note 9 features “Quick Charging” technology, or adaptive fast charging. This allows them to recharge much faster than your old phones from a few years ago. As long as you use the charger that came in the box, or one from our list.

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Basically, buying the right charger is really important. We’ve found some quick chargers starting at just $10, while others from Samsung cost more but ensure safe and fast charging levels. Here’s how this technology works, and a few worth buying today.

How Quick Charging Technology Works

technology called “Qualcomm Quick Charge” was announced a few years ago, and allows smartphones to recharge faster than ever before. Instead of taking 3 hours to recharge, phones can fill up in around 80-100 minutes.

It’s especially fast in the beginning, allowing the Note 9 to go from 0-50% in around 25-30 minutes. That’s enough battery to finish a busy day at work, or a quick top-off before you go out for the night. The charger pulls more watts at the beginning. After 30 minutes it goes back to regular speeds (but still fast) to preserve the life of the battery cells. Here’s a video of how this works on an old Motorola phone, which works nearly the same on Samsung phones.

When you plug in the Galaxy Note 9 it should say “fast charging” on the bottom of the screen. However, if you’re not using the wall charger that comes in the box, or a charge from our list you won’t get these fast speeds. Instead, it will say “slow charging” and you’ll even see a popup recommending the charger that came in the box.

Best Quick Chargers for the Galaxy S9

All you really need to know is that not all wall chargers get created equally. Some don’t deliver enough power to fast charge the Galaxy Note 9, and some don’t support the technology at all. So, now that you know a little about quick charging and why it’s important, buy one or two from our slideshow below. These will deliver the fastest and safest charge for your phone.

Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger (USB-C)

Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger (USB-C)

In the box with every Galaxy Note 9 you'll get a black "Adaptive Fast Charger" wall plug, and a USB Type-C cable. This ensures the best, fastest, and more importantly safe, charge for your phone. 

What about in your office, bedroom, or at work? Well, buy an extra official Samsung charger. This is made by Samsung specifically for the S9 or Note 9. It's the same charger that comes in the box with most of Samsung's new smartphones and is capable of delivering more watts than typical chargers you'll find at gas stations, Walmart, or Best Buy.

The company sells these on its own website for over $30, but you can find it on for even cheaper. It also comes with an extra USB Type-C charging cable.

Buy it Now for $10 at Amazon

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