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5 Best Quick Chargers for the Galaxy Note 9



Anker 39w Dual Fast Wall Charger

Anker 39w Dual Fast Wall Charger

One of our favorite battery and charging brands is Anker. They offer premium high-end products that work great. 

The Anker 39w Dual Fast Charging wall plug is perfect. You'll get two ports that both deliver fast charging speeds, and it supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology so it's futureproofed for any devices you buy in the near future. 

Recharge your Galaxy Note 9 and a second phone as fast as possible, and the blue LED will dim in a dark room so you can even use it in your bedroom. 

Buy it Now for $23 on Amazon

Additionally, Anker has this exact same charger with a built-in 5,000 mAh battery. That way it's your wall charger that you can take with you to charge your device while you're on the go too. 

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