5 Exciting Nexus 5 Android M Features
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5 Exciting Nexus 5 Android M Features



Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap

Google Now is one of Android's best features and it's going to be vastly improved in the Nexus 5 Android M update. 

Google Now on Tap, which can be seen in action here, is one of Android M's most exciting features that it's going to be incredible for Nexus 5 users that constantly find themselves digging for more information about on-screen content. 

With Google Now on Tap, you can now hold down on the virtual home button and Google Now will read what's on your screen and bring up cards that are relevant to the information provided there.

So if you're talking to a friend in Hangouts about the San Francisco Giants game, you can hold it down and it will presumably bring up the score of a game in progress, if there is one, and other pertinent information you might want to know. It also brings up relevant links out and more. 

Google Now on Tap is, in our eyes, one of the most exciting Android features in years. And it's a feature that should delight Nexus 5 owners who depend on the device to keep track of sports scores, movie times, locations, and more. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bill Stellin

    08/13/2015 at 6:43 am

    Still no dark mode for the dialer

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