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5 Exciting Xbox One Games Coming in 2015



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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One Backwards compatibility isn’t a game. It’s a ton of games, all coming to the Xbox One this fall like a tsunami.

At E3 2015 Microsoft revealed that with the New Xbox One Experience it planned to introduced an emulator into the Xbox One that lets it run Xbox 360 games. Since then, the company has tested Xbox One Backwards Compatibility on a select number of games through the Xbox Preview Program. Put your disc in and the feature unlocks a digital game, ready to be played on Xbox One. Multiplayer and downloadable content from these games just works.

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Microsoft plans to have 100s of titles available through the program when it launches in November. More should come pretty quickly too as developers don’t have to do much on their end to support the feature at all.

Many developers and publishers are already using the feature to build hype for their new games. Fallout New Vegas is included with every Fallout 4 pre-order. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition unlocks Xbox 360 versions of those games too.

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