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5 Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors



Over the past few weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has established itself as one of the most anticipated phones of the year, joining the HTC M7, iPhone 5S and a number of others on the docket for 2013. So far, the Galaxy S4 has barely been able to contain itself, rumor-wise, with a number of different possibilities emerging in past weeks. Here, we take a look at the five that we feel are the most exciting Galaxy S4 rumors of the bunch.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S3 arrived to much fan fare. The device, which was replacing the Galaxy S2, Samsung’s previous best-seller, had quite a bit of anticipation surrounding it pre-launch and while some were weary, Samsung delivered.

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A mock up of the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S3 was a hit with consumers, backed by powerful features and a very successful marketing campaign, and it has gone on to sell more than 40 million units around the world. Its success has propelled it to the forefront of the Android world as the Galaxy series has become arguably the leading face in Google’s stable.

In fact, we believe that Samsung successfully put the Galaxy S3 on the same pedestal as the iPhone meaning it was and still is the biggest rival to Apple’s device. However, with that type of profile comes quite a bit of expectation and already, consumer interest in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is through the roof.

Right now, the Galaxy S4 is maybe the most anticipated smartphone of the year. And fueling that fire is the fact that the device has leaked out on numerous occasions. We’ve heard about possible hardware including possibilities related to battery life and screen tech. We’ve heard about some possible software features that could entice consumers. And we’ve heard about a number of different Galaxy S4 launch dates ahead of its arrival.

Suffice to say, we’ve heard quite a bit about Samsung’s rumored Galaxy S3 successor. But which rumors are the most exciting? We’ve sifted through the heavy heap of rumors and here are what we consider to be the five best Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors thus far.

5 Most Exciting Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors

While there are a number of Galaxy S4 rumors swirling around, there are some that we feel are more exciting than others. Here, we take a look at the best of the best.

Launch Appears Close

Maybe the most exciting rumor of all is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch is just around the corner. Previously, rumors had suggested that it would be touching down at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February, but it’s pretty clear that Samsung will again be opting to introduce the Galaxy S4 at its own event, one that rumors suggest are close.

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The Galaxy S4 should replace the Galaxy S3, seen here.

So far, we’ve see two specific Galaxy S4 launch dates emerge. A Korean publication has suggested that Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S4 at a launch event on March 22nd in the United States, possibly in New York City. Another rumor from a reliable Samsung-focused blog, has pinpointed March 15th as a possible Galaxy S4 launch date.

Both seem plausible and we likely won’t if either are the real deal until after MWC 2013 when Samsung will likely dish out invites to a press event. At the very least though, it’s looking like we won’t have to wait long before Samsung unveils its new smartphone and that, needless to say, is very exciting.

Battery Life Improvements

One of the big demands from consumers these days is for ample battery life and luckily for them, many companies have delivered. The iPhone 5 boasts some of the best battery life on the market and the Droid RAZR MAXX HD is right up there with it. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 also packs solid battery life but many will be looking for more from this year’s model.

Fortunately, rumors point to Samsung adhering to customer demands. Whispering suggests that the phone may pack a 2,600 mah battery, stock, right out the gates, which is much bigger than the 2,100 mAh battery that was in the Galaxy S3.

There are also rumors that suggest Samsung could be opting to not only deliver a new Broadcom chip, but also a new power efficient processor as well, both of which could help deliver some amazing battery life.

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Peter Wang, an analyst with Evercore Partners, has told Barron’s that checks with the supply chain indicate Samsung will use a new Broadcom 4335 chip in the upcoming Galaxy S4. Broadcom describes the chip as featuring “the industry’s most advanced idle power consumption performance, which significantly extends a mobile device’s battery life.”So, if it’s found on the Galaxy S4, we could see it deliver fantastic battery life without attaching a monster battery, something that could possibly thicken the phone.

In addition, benchmarks have suggested that Samsung may be including a Exynos 5 Octa processor on board the Galaxy S4. The Exynos 5 Octa, first announced at CES 2013, is Samsung’s new quad-core processor, which boasts eight cores, but only uses four at a time.

Maybe the best part about the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa is Samsung’s claim that it uses 70-percent less power than a typical quad-core Cortex A15 processor and that it also offers better battery life than its own Exynos 5 processor.

All of these rumors certainly point to the possibility of fantastic battery life, and it’s something that is an extremely exciting prospect.

Touch Free Display

The Samsung Galaxy S3 display will likely be around 5-inches and feature 1080p resolution with a high pixel-per-inch count. Indeed, that’s exciting as content will look absolutely gorgeous. However, it’s a new rumor about the device’s display that has us genuinely excited.

Yesterday, we saw a report claim that Samsung may include Atmel’s latest maXTouch S sensors on the Galaxy S4 which could allow users to make on-screen gestures without touching the display. If true, it wouldn’t be the first phone to feature this type of technology.

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Both the Pantech Vega 4G LTE and the Sony Xperia Sola feature similar gesture technology though Pantech’s feature put a huge dent into battery life which for many, rendered it useless.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, with its hefty battery life and big name, could be the first mainstream smartphone to utilize this type of technology and utilize it well and that’s exciting to say the least.

Improved Camera

Another feature that consumers often look for in a smartphone is a fantastic camera as it can potentially replace the purchase of a point-and-shoot. Already, we’ve seen the Sony Xperia Z launch with a fantastic camera in 2013 and with phones like the Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 already sporting top of the line shooters, it’s not surprising that the Galaxy S4 is also rumored to have an upgraded camera on board.

Details about the Galaxy S4’s camera remain unclear other than a rumor about it being 13MP, up from the 8MP shooter on the Galaxy S3.

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However, given that HTC is supposedly going to be unleashing a top-of-the-line camera on its HTC M7/HTC One flagship in 2013, the fact that HTC’s One X camera beat the Galaxy S3’s and Samsung’s penchant for delivering amazing software to compliment its hardware, we think Samsung could be brewing something special for its camera.

Often times, the best-kept secrets are the best secrets and we’re excited to see what kind of camera upgrades Samsung has included with the Galaxy S4.

Better Wi-Fi

Finally, the last Galaxy S4 rumor that has us excited is one that has flown under the radar a bit as it’s not focused on any of the bigger-named specifications. Instead, it’s a much smaller feature but one that could have a big impact.


5G Wi-Fi would provide longer range and better Wi-Fi connectivity.

Again, Samsung is rumored to possibly be bringing a Broadcom 4335 chip aboard the Galaxy S4 and while battery life improvements would be big, it also has the chance to improve the Galaxy S4’s Wi-Fi connectivity, something that smartphone owners use on a daily basis.

The Broadcom 4345 chip sports 5G WiFi. If the Galaxy S4 does have this chip, it could mean that it will be the first Samsung device to sport this type of Wi-Fi connectivity.

If the device does have the feature, Galaxy S4 owners who upgrade to a 5G Wi-Fi router which would provide better Wi-Fi range for the device and faster connectivity as well. This would help those that wish to take their device outside, but still want to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to keep data costs down, and also make streaming videos and movies faster than it already is.

So while this is a smaller Galaxy S4 rumor, we think it’s one of the most exciting.



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    I hope ALL the phone makers learn from the P&S camera wars.

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