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5 Quick Chargers for the Galaxy Note 7



The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is available now for pre-order and set to be released in a few days. Once it arrives buyers will be enjoying the improved design, better camera, water resistant features and longer battery life, but you’ll also need some new chargers for the Galaxy Note 7. The phone has a feature called “Quick Charging” and below we’ll explain it, and recommend some good chargers for owners.

Many owners will want to buy some official Samsung accessories, excellent cases and other things, but we’d also recommend a few extra quick or fast chargers for every room of the house, or an office.

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Quick Charge, Turbo Charging or Adaptive Fast Charging are all names manufacturers use, which basically recharges the phone at an extremely fast pace safely. Samsung promises 5-6 hours of battery life after just 10 minutes on the wall charger. Below we have more details about “Adaptive Fast Charging” and some of the best fast chargers you can buy for the Note 7.


The entire Quick Charge technology debuted a few years ago on Qualcomm Snapdragon powered devices, and has since been added to almost every major smartphone release. With battery cell technology going nowhere, the next best thing was make our current ones recharge faster than ever before. That’s exactly what owners will get with the Note 7, and anyone coming from an older Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5 will notice it recharges much quicker than ever before.

Since then the company has released Quick Charge 2.0 and even 3.0 technology. The latter being able to recharge a phone from 0-80% in just 35 minutes, which is insanely fast. However, Samsung has sadly stuck to the Quick Charge 2.0 standard, which is somewhat slower, but likely safer and easier on the battery in terms of longevity.

That said, Galaxy Note 7 owners can still expect to recharge the new and bigger 3,500 mAh battery from 0-50% in just 25 minutes, and fully recharge the phone in 85 minutes. Much faster than older devices, making battery life a non-issue.

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In order to enjoy the extremely fast charging speeds we just mentioned on the Note 7, owners need to buy a certain “Quick Charge” certified wall plug, or use Samsung’s version that comes in the box and labeled as an Adaptive Fast Charger. One comes in the box with the phone, but owners will want a few more for other areas of the house, the office, at work and even in the car.

While plugged in, the notification bar will say “Fast Charging” if it’s a good charger, or “Cable Charging” if it isn’t a certified fast charger. This is how you’ll know if other chargers you have will work with the Note 7. This phone also uses a new USB Type-C charging port, so all of your old cables won’t work.

With that all in mind, below is a collection of some of the best Quick Chargers you can buy for the Galaxy Note 7 and some extra USB Type-C cables to get the best experience and fastest charge no matter what.

Samsung Official Fast Charger

Samsung Official Fast Charger

The best option is to buy a second official charger made by Samsung, with the correct power output for the Note 7. To be specific, the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger. This ensures you're getting the perfect charger made exactly for your smartphone. Samsung sells these on its own website, but the new USB Type-C ones can be found on Amazon for as little as $12. Getting you a good charger and an official USB Type-C cable for a low price.

Buy on Amazon for $11



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