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5 Reasons to Buy the HTC U12+ & 3 Reasons Not to



Edge Sense 2 & Google Assistant

Edge Sense 2 & Google Assistant

Last year HTC debuted the first phone with pressure-sensitive sides. You could actually squeeze the phone while it's in your hand to answer calls, pause/play music, or fire up the Google Assistant. When you only have one hand free this is extremely useful. 

Now, Edge Sense 2 is more refined and better than ever. It's extremely customizable and there's even an Edge panel you can access when you squeeze your phone. Like quick shortcuts. The phone knows if you're holding it with one hand and can automatically adjust some settings and controls for one-handed use (if you allow it) and much more. 

Squeezing the phone is one of the fastest and easiest ways to fire up the Google Assistant for help during your day. Google loved it so much, they added this squeeze feature to the Pixel 2 in 2017. If you had the HTC U11, you'll love the advanced controls and extra features in Edge Sense 2. This phone has tons of neat software tricks and customization controls that most phones (Like a Samsung) don't. 

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