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5 Reasons to Buy the HTC U12+ & 3 Reasons Not to



If You Want a Bigger Screen & Smaller Bezels

If You Want a Bigger Screen & Smaller Bezels

If you want a bigger screen, smaller bezels, or something that looks like the iPhone X don't buy the HTC U12+. While they did adopt the popular long and skinny design style from the Galaxy S8/S9 and iPhone X, the phone still has pretty big bezels. Bezel-free phones like the LG G7 and OnePlus 6 exist, HTC just didn't want to offer it. 

So, if you want a bigger screen get the Galaxy S9+ or the OnePlus 6, as they're both over 6.2-inches. They also have smaller bezels, and similar specs and features. We love the rounded corners on most modern phone screens, and this doesn't have that either. Instantly making it look older and outdated. 

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