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5 Reasons to Buy the Galaxy Note 8 & 4 Reasons Not To



Terrible Fingerprint Scanner Location

Terrible Fingerprint Scanner Location

Another problem with the Galaxy Note 8 is the fingerprint scanner. It's just in a really bad location and there's no way around it. 

Samsung wanted to integrate the fingerprint scanner into the glass display on the front, but couldn't perfect that technology in time. If it makes you feel any better Apple tried to do the same, and the iPhone 8 might not have a fingerprint scanner at all. 

As a result, Samsung moved the fingerprint scanner to the back like most other Android manufacturers. However, it's near the very top next to the camera flash and sensors. Not in the middle like everyone else. Don't get fingerprints on that camera lens!

On a big and extra tall 6.3-inch phone that's just too hard to reach. The fingerprint scanner is still fast and accurate when your finger makes good contact, but that's more difficult than ever before. 

Although, you do have the choice of an Iris Eye scanner, facial recognition and a pin or password for security. So hope isn't completely lost. 



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