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5 Reasons to Buy the Pixel 3 & 3 Reasons to Wait



Buy If You Want a Solid Camera

Buy If You Want a Solid Camera

If you want one of the best camera experiences on Android, think about investing in a Pixel 3 or a Pixel 3 XL

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL laid the foundation for the 2018 models and they don't disappoint. The Pixel 3 camera experience is, in a word, incredible.

The two devices feature a 12.2 megapixel rear camera with f/1.7 aperture and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to go along with dual 8MP front-facing cameras.

These cameras can shoot excellent photos and video and they're backed up by an array of impressive software features. 

Google's added two new features called 'Top Shot' and 'Night Sight.' Top Shot takes a ton of photos in rapid succession and then detects the best photo automatically. Night Sight will help you take better photos in low light environments.

Night Sight is rolling out to the Pixel 3, Pixel 2, and Pixel, but as Android Police notes, "aspects of its performance are precisely tuned" for the Pixel 3.

On top of that, the dual front-facing cameras mean better selfies. The Pixel 3's second camera has an 18mm ultra-wide view so that you can fit all of your friends into a single photo.  

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