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8 Reasons to Wait for the 2020 iPhone & 5 Reasons Not To



The iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are top notch and Apple’s rumored 2019 iPhones look interesting, but some of you might want to wait for the 2020 iPhones.

As we push further into 2019, we’ve seen Apple and its retailers offer deals on the 2018 line of iPhones. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are still pretty expensive, but price drops and trade-ins can save you quite a bit of cash on the company’s flagship devices.

If you’re in the hunt for a new iPhone in 2019, these devices should be at or near the top of your shopping list alongside budget alternatives like the iPhone XiPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

While many of you are perfectly fine if you wind up with one of these devices, others might want to hang around for the 2019 iPhones.

2019 iPhone rumors are picking up and it looks like Apple plans to make some big changes to the iPhone’s camera and processor. It also looks like the 2019 iPhones will share a lot in common with last year’s models.

Rumor has it, the 2020 iPhone will come with a much bigger set of changes and those who aren’t impressed with 2019 iPhone rumors should consider hanging around for another year plus.

2020 iPhone Rumors

We’re more than a year away from the 2020 iPhone announcements, but we’ve already seen some credible rumors emerge this year.

The 2020 iPhone will reportedly feature an overhauled camera system, OLED screens across the board, a new chip, 5G support, and a few other changes that might intrigue you as you search for your next device.

Apple’s iPhones are still in development which means plans can, and probably will, change before Apple debuts the hardware on stage. That said, there are already some great reasons to think about waiting for the 2020 iPhone.

In this guide we’ll take you through the best reasons to wait and the best reasons to go with another device long before the 2020 models arrive.

Wait for A Smaller Notch

Wait for A Smaller Notch

If you buy a iPhone in 2019 you'll have to contend with a notch on the display. 

The 2018 iPhones feature a notch that's similar to the notch found on 2017's iPhone X. The notch houses important sensors, but it's drawn the ire of many smartphone users due to its intrusiveness. 

If you aren't a huge fan of the notch you'll want to keep your eyes on the 2020 iPhone.

According to several reports, the 2019 iPhones will come with the same notch area as the 2018 iPhone models. That said, the company is reportedly looking to slim down, and/or eliminate, the notch on the 2020 models. 

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, at least one 2020 iPhone will come with a smaller front camera lens that could lead to a slimmer notch. This is not the first time we've heard this. 

Apple is reportedly exploring ways to combine Face ID and the front-facing camera a move that could reduce the size of the notch.

Apple supplier AMS has also announced new sensor technology that could help the company deliver a smaller notch on upcoming iPhones. 

“Smartphone OEMs today are striving to maximize their products’ screen-to-body ratio, reducing the bezel area as much as possible on the display’s face,” said David Moon, Senior Marketing Manager at ams. “The TCS3701 enables phone designers to take this trend to a new level, potentially eliminating the bezel entirely."

Furthermore, an analyst from Credit Suisse in Asia believes that Apple will release an iPhone without a notch or Face ID in 2020. 

The same analyst believes Apple will completely eliminate the notch by 2021 with the phones relying on full screen fingerprint sensor. 

Things are still in flux, but if you hate the notch, you'll have to wait beyond 2019. 



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