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5 Small Screen Android Phones That Are Worth Buying



Moto X

Moto X

The original Moto X from 2013 still has to make this list, as it's one of the best smaller smartphones available today. It needs no introduction but has a 4.7-inch 720p HD display, a dual-core processor along with an 8X computing system from Motorola. They added tons of customization with different colors, wood, and accents as free options, and it runs stock Android 4.4 KitKat, and will be updated to Android 5.0 soon.

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It's still arguably the best 4.7-inch device, and can be found for free on contract, or less than $299 outright from most sources. It comes with an 8 megapixel camera and a promise of all-day battery life, and is still a phone we'd highly recommend.

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  1. True

    08/09/2015 at 3:11 am

    What a hell? Why do you say that 5 inch displays are small?? They are huge!

    • Reedo253

      05/29/2016 at 9:02 pm

      They seem large, but they’re talking about the diagonal measurement. As someone who has owned both a moto x and a Droid mini, they both felt incredibly small, and the size difference between the moto x and an iPhone 5 or SE is negligible.

  2. Bill Hummel

    08/25/2015 at 11:48 pm

    Not compared to my Huawei X2 phone with its 7 inch screen.

  3. Karanvir

    09/21/2015 at 6:55 am

    WTF these are big screen mobiles

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