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10 Ways Titanfall 2 May Be Better Than the Original



Titanfall 2 Pilots have Gauntlets

Titanfall 2 Pilots have Gauntlets

Pilots are getting some nifty upgrades in the form of new weapons. In the first games, anyone could double jump and wall run. The two mechanics made pinning down a pilot and protecting a position dangerous. Keep your attention focused low and you’re likely to miss the guy about to attack from above. Focus on what’s above you and anyone – from grunts to casual players – could pin you down and take you out.

New for Titanfall 2, Gauntlets will have players wishing getting that stepped on by Pilots inside their Titans was the worst thing that could happen to them. The Gauntlets allow Pilots to quickly scale buildings that they wouldn’t have been able to in previous games. This gives everyone a bigger surprise advantage. At the end of the game’s multiplayer trailer Respawn also revealed Gauntlets can be used to grab and assassinate other players.



  1. K-kun

    08/07/2016 at 12:06 am

    Ah, yes. The game set to fail and barely cater to the fans of the original, except the MLG wannabes that desperately need Meta builds to feel secure and “having the edge”.

    I mean, as big a can as I was of the original, I’ll admit I was absolute rubbish (though the newbies and the occasional G10 (I know Gen was meaningless overall) calling me a hacker did kind of boost my confidence a bit), but to change so many things in the game in hopes that it panders to both players without 2 brain cells and MLG players is just silly.

    Sacrifice Titan customization (Removed. Entirely. Whoever wrote the article didn’t play anything, didn’t spoke with anyone from Respawn), adds some marginally interesting features like the grappling hook (which I’ll admit is fun, but wish people stopped praising it, or think it’s there to make up for basic wall running/hopping).

    The only -good- thing is the single player campaign. Not that the original was a terrible idea, the implementation was just terrible though, and was in a way a waste of resources. Played through it countless times and it took this many times to see most of the stuff Respawn wanted to show me. And it was great! If only I didn’t had to focus on that guy trying to kill me…

    Had high hopes for the sequel, and the single player part might fill a little something, but many changes made to MP are nonsensical and hurting people who don’t play with friends or use voice comms, while others are just downgrades from rbe first

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    10/20/2016 at 6:15 am

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