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5 Ways the iPhone 6s Beats the iPhone 6



3D Touch

3D Touch

It's impossible to do a comparison between the iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6s without talking about the 3D Touch that's embedded inside the iPhone 6s display. 

We've already taken a close look at 3D touch but if you're not familiar, it allows you to use a hard press on the screen to open up new menus and actions. Some people aren't huge fans of it. I wasn't at first but over time, I've become a huge fan. 

I use it for a lot of things but there are a three main uses, at least for me. One, a hard press on the Phone app brings up people I talk to the most. I'm on the phone a lot with a lot of people and it's sometimes a pain to scroll through Recents or go into Contacts. 3D Touch provides a useful shortcut to cut down on the amount of menus I need to go through.

I also use it with the Messages app and Instagram. A press on Messages brings up my usual set of contacts. A press on Instagram brings up a menu with Direct messaging, search, a way to view activity, and a way to post a new photo or video. It cuts out some taps and menus. 

I'll admit, a lot of the apps I use the most don't support 3D touch. That said, I expect developers to roll out a steady stream of updates that bring support to some of my favorite apps. 3D Touch isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And it's never coming to the iPhone 6. 

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