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5 Ways the iPhone 6s Beats the iPhone 6



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Hey Siri

Hey Siri

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 feature something called Hey Siri. On the iPhone 6s, Siri is always listening. On the iPhone 6, you need to be plugged in to a computer or a power outlet in order to use the Hey Siri feature. If you're not plugged in, you're forced to use a press on the home button. 

So, no matter where my iPhone 6s is, I can say Hey Siri and use the service to do common tasks. I check the weather, launch my applications, send messages to friends and family, and set reminders for work and for fun. This is coming from somebody who had Siri turned off on the iPhone 6. 

So far, these are the five things that have stood out to me. I'll keep adding to this list in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

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