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5 Xbox Series X Pre-Order Tips to Get One After The Sell Out



Do you want to make sure that you get an Xbox Series X pre-order? Or the Xbox Series S?

We have a collection of tips that will help you snag one as soon as the new Xbox consoles are in stock again.

The Xbox Series S is $299 and the Xbox Series X is $499. Pre-orders start started this week and will continue through November as stock arrives.

Here’s how you can find the Xbox Series X in stock.

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If you missed out on a Xbox Series X pre-order on day one, here are the tips that you can use now.

Check Account Passwords Now

When the Xbox Series X pre-orders are back in stock you need to be ready to go. This is not the time to be resetting a Best Buy or Walmart password or creating an account.

Spend 10 minutes right now making sure that you can log in to Microsoft, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

This can mean the difference between getting a new Xbox on day one and waiting months. I lost out on one order because I tried to check out as a guest and it took too long.

Update Payment Information

While you are logged in make sure that your credit card is up to date and that shipping and billing information is updated.

The time that you spend updating any of this, could be long enough to miss out on getting the Xbox Series X or Series S in November.

Be Ready to Checkout

Now that you can log in and your credit card is up to date, you need to be prepared to checkout as soon as the console is in your cart.

Some links to Amazon may even put the Xbox Series X directly into your cart.

Don’t wonder about tax, warranties, or look for coupon codes. Check out and get a confirmation. The console can disappear from your cart. This is not like a ticket checkout process where you are holding an item for a few minutes.

Use Websites Not Apps

Websites tend to offer a better chance to get a console this year. The PS5 pre-orders worked best on websites, with some apps just showing the landing pages while other people were ordering.

It’s a good idea to have apps available as a backup, but start on the website and be on the lookout for links directly to the products on social media.

Set Up In-Stock Alerts

You can use this guide to check for the Xbox Series X in stock and then set up an alert that notifies you in the browser, by email or by text.

Remember You Can Always Cancel Later

If you really want the Xbox Series S, but it is out of stock, you may want to lock in the Xbox Series X pre-order and then decide later.

You can cancel your pre-order pretty easily at most retailers if you find the version that you really want somewhere else.

It is best to lock in pre-order and fine-tune it later.

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