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6 Best Pixel 3a XL Screen Protectors



IQ Shield LiquidSkin 2-Pack

IQ Shield LiquidSkin 2-Pack

Some people just hate applying and using screen protectors. Whether that's because of the way they feel, how hard it is to install them, or the sides not lining up perfectly and causing a halo around the screen. That, or sometimes you'll get weird touchscreen sensitivity issues. 

None of those problems happen with IQ Shield's LiquidSkin protectors. This is a strong film, a film that's more durable than most. And if you hate glass, just use this. IQ Shield provides an easy alignment and installation tray so you drop the phone in, drop the protector in place, squeegee out the bubbles and you're all set. A perfect install every time. 

If you don't like glass, get this self-healing film to keep your Pixel 3a XL safe. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $7.85

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TimShakes

    07/04/2019 at 11:23 pm

    Apart from the notch the phone is complete ‘Boom’. Just go for it to keep the sleek design as it I applied the body screen protector from gadgetshieldz.

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