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7 OnePlus 3 Hidden Features You Need to Know



You can use these OnePlus 3 hidden features to do more with your new phone without buying apps or paying for accessories. The hidden OnePlus 3 features are essential for customizing your phone and using it to the true potential.

Instead of reading through a OnePlus 3 manual, you can use this collection of essential hidden settings that will allow you to better use the new OnePlus smartphone.

Some of these are hidden deep inside the OnePlus 3 settings, while others are simply options and choices that would otherwise take users a while to find.

The hidden OnePlus 3 features you need to know about.

The hidden OnePlus 3 features you need to know about.

The OnePlus 3 runs on a very slim version of Android, dubbed Oxygen OS, which offers a lot of small and very interesting customizations that we enjoy using.

When you start-up the OnePlus 3 and set it up, there are some options to toggle on some of these, but if you skip over them in the excitement of getting a new phone you’ll need to figure out how to turn them on.

Use these hidden OnePlus 3 features to do more with your new phone.

Customize All the Buttons

Customize All the Buttons

One of the best hidden features is that you can customize all the OnePlus 3 buttons to react like you want them to. This includes using on-screen or capacitive buttons and shortcuts for double taps and long presses of the on-screen buttons.

Go to Settings -> Buttons and you'll find a plethora of options. The first choice is on-screen or capacitive buttons, but that's a pretty basic one.

The option that we like is Swap Buttons. This lets us change the place of the recent and the back buttons for the on-screen or the capacitive buttons.

Scroll down and then you can choose the long press and double tap action for the home button, recents button and back button.

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