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7 Reasons to Try the Call of Duty: WWII Beta



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Get Free Call of Duty: WWII Gear

Get Free Call of Duty: WWII Gear

Now that you're done being altruistic, you can focus on another thing that you get out of the Call of Duty: WWII beta. You get some loot that only beta players will have. 

If you play in the Call of Duty: WWII beta, you get the exclusive MP Private beta combat pack. This includes a special helmet that you can wear in game and that will show up when you are in the Headquarters area. 

You'll also get a calling card and an emblem that is only available if you play the beta. Sure, a lot of people will have them, but it's a small reason to spend time playing the Call of Duty: WWII beta. 

7 / 7
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