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7 Things to Do Before Installing Your Galaxy S9 Update



Cleanup Your Storage

Cleanup Your Storage

Most Galaxy S9 software updates won't require a ton of storage space to install, but we always recommend using them as an excuse do so some spring cleaning. 

As the months go on you'll be surprised how much clutter will buildup on your Galaxy S9's hard drive. Clutter includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Photos you accidentally shot 
  • Videos you no longer watch
  • Games you no longer play
  • Music you no longer listen to
  • Apps you no longer use

You can dig into these files on your own or use the Galaxy S9's Device Maintenance menu in Settings to help narrow down the list of items to delete.

Keeping your hard drive free of clutter will allow you to install a new software update quickly and it'll also help keep your Galaxy S9 blazing fast. 

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