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11 Essential Surface Pro Accessories



Buyers need to invest in accessories to get the most out of the Surface Pro 4. In some instances, there’s no way to avoid investing in them.

Essential Surface Pro 4 accessories protect the device or extend it in some way. Using them, you can replace the paper notebook that you write things down in every day. They add ways to navigate Windows or boost storage for music and movies. One even makes it easier to play Minecraft with Xbox One owners. Some Surface Pro 4 accessories are so essential that Microsoft advertises them with the device, despite them not being included in the box.

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Buy these 11 essential Surface Pro 4 accessories to boost your productivity and have fun with your new device.


Essential Surface Pro 4 Accessories

Sparin Glass Screen Protector for Surface Pro 4

Available on Amazon, the Sparin Glass Screen Protector for Surface Pro 4 lets you use your Surface’s multi-touch display without interference. Cut outs for the speakers and camera keep those features working perfectly well. You want a screen protector to keep your Surface Pro 4’s display free of scratches and scrapes.

[ Buy the Sparin Glass Screen Protector at Amazon for $14.99 ]

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

Microsoft doesn’t include a Type Cover with the Surface Pro 4. Instead, you have to buy one separately. There are three types to choose from. Each has soft textured covers and glass multi-touch trackpads.

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The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover comes in black, blue, cyan, red and teal. These $129 Type Covers are the cheapest you can buy.

With the Fingerprint ID Surface Pro 4 Type Cover, you can unlock your device without using the Windows Hello camera. It’s only available at the Microsoft Store in black.

New Surface Pro Signature Type Covers have Alcantara fabric that is softer than the fabric on the regular Surface Pro 4 Type Covers. Microsoft begins selling Surface Pro Signature Type Covers in burgundy, blue and silver on June 15th, 2017.

[ Buy the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover from the Microsoft Store ]

MicroSD Card

Every Surface Pro 4 has 128GB of storage or more. If you are using it as your only PC, don’t expect that to be enough. Add more storage with a MicroSD card. These tiny memory chips slide into the slot underneath your Surface Pro 4’s kickstand. Samsung’s 64GB MicroSD card costs just $22.99 at Amazon.

[ Buy a MicroSD Card from Amazon ]

Oenbopo Portable Desktop Stand


The Oenbopo Portable Stand adds some height to the Surface Pro 4, making it easier to use the tablet on at a desk where you need to look at the device at an angle. There’s a hole to help with cable management. Amazon sells the Oenbopo Tablet Stand for $18.99.

[ Buy the Oenbopo Portable Desktop Stand from Amazon ]

Waterfield Surface Pro 4 Dash Sleeve


You need a Surface Pro 4 sleeve or carry case. The thin glass on the front of the tablet can break if you drop the tablet on any hard surface. The Waterfield Surface Pro 4 Dash Sleeve is a $59.99 padded envelope for the Surface Pro 4. It’s made of nylon and has lining to keep the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 4 Type Cover safe. A band stitched to the top of the sleeve keeps everything inside. There’s a pocket for any needed accessories.

[ Buy the Surface Pro 4 Dash Sleeve from SFbags ]

Surface Pen Tip Kit


Every Surface Pro 4 comes with a Surface Pen that can sense 1,024 levels of pressure when writing. You can switch out the tips of the Surface Pen to get just the right level of friction and line width. Extra tips come in the Surface Pen Tip Kit. Microsoft sells it for $10.99 on its website.

[ Buy the Surface Pro 4 Pen Tip Kit from the Microsoft Store ]

Surface Dock


A small black box with a Surface Connect cable attached, the Surface Dock includes 2 MiniDisplay ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, 4 USB ports, 1 headphone jack and an included Surface Power Supply. Because it doesn’t have arms, it doesn’t keep you from using the Surface’s kickstand like the old Surface Dock. Microsoft sells the new Surface Dock for $199.99.

[ Buy the Surface Dock from the Microsoft Store ]

Xbox Wireless Controller


Every Surface Pro 4 can stream games from your Xbox One. Additionally, Minecraft and other Xbox games in the Windows Store work with the Xbox One Controller. Pick up a new Xbox Wireless Controller that has Bluetooth technology for $59.99. These controllers get better reception and have textured grips.

[ Buy the Xbox Wireless Controller from the Microsoft Store ]

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 costs as little as $6.99 a month and complements the Surface Pro 4 very well. Users get access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel for just one monthly price. The company includes access to Office 365 and credit for Skype calling to landline phones. Besides unlocking the Office desktop programs, an Office 365 membership grants Surface Pro 4 owners access to the Office Mobile apps in the Windows Store.

[ Buy Microsoft Office 365 from the Microsoft Store for as little as $6.99 ]

Dbrands Skin

The Surface Pro 4’s magnesium shell scratches very, very easily. To keep your device in the best shape, consider purchasing a Surface Pro 4 skin from Dbrands. You decide the materials and pattern that your Surface Pro 4 skin uses. You can save money by only buying the skin pieces that you need for $8.95 each.

[ Buy a Dbrand Surface Pro 4 Skin Set ]

An Emergency Surface Pen

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You absolutely have to get yourself a second Surface Pen. The Surface Pro 4 has a very strong magnet that you can attach the Surface Pen with, but chances are you’ll find yourself misplacing the pen anyway. Lots of people simply stick it into their pocket like any other pen instead of putting it on the side of the device. The Microsoft Store has the Surface Pen and a Pen Tip Kit together for $59.99.

[ Buy A Surface Pen from the Microsoft Store for $59.99 ]

These essential Surface Pro 4 accessories will improve your experience with the device, there’s no doubt about it. Stay on the look for other accessories that might be fun to use with your Windows 2-in-1 like the Surface Dial.



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