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9 Things to Do Before Installing the Galaxy A Oreo Update



Cleanup Your Storage

Cleanup Your Storage

If you've had your device for awhile chances are your storage is cluttered with files you no longer need. Android Oreo is a rather large file so use this time to do some spring cleaning.

The Galaxy A series Android Oreo update falls between 1GB and 1.5GB which means you'll need a nice chunk of free space available to install it. 

For many of you this won't be a problem. Others will need to spend some time combing through files in an effort to free up space. 

If you want to get Oreo on board quickly, the smart thing to do is to get this cleanup done before the upgrade arrives. 

Head into your Settings and your internal storage and see what you can find. Chances are you've got a ton of music, photos, game files, and other data you don't need.

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