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9 Things to Know About the Google Pixel Android O Update

Anyone can try the Google Pixel and Pixel XL Android O update right now, as the beta is finally available. At the same time, some of you are probably better off skipping it, at least right now.

This week Google released the second Android O beta ahead of the official launch later this summer. You don’t need to be a developer or need to flash any scary files to try what’s coming next. All you need is a compatible device like the Pixel and to enroll in the beta.

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Our guide will go over everything you need to know about the Pixel Android O update. We’ll address the improvements, new features, performance, and how to downgrade back to Android 7.0 Nougat. Not to mention potential Google Pixel Android O problems and what you need to know moving forward.

Google mentions it may contain errors or bugs that could affect how your phone functions, so keep that in mind. In fact, there’s a list of known problems in the beta release notes you may want to glance over before installing it. Some of those include performance issues, poor battery life, user interface glitches, Bluetooth drops, a slow camera and even WiFi bugs.

The official Google Pixel Android O update is still a few months away. Once the 3rd and 4th betas arrive we’ll update this roundup with more info about performance, battery life, and detail any new features.

Google Pixel Android O Performance & Impressions

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Google Pixel Android O Performance & Impressions

Going from the first Android O preview to the second release and beta we received a 500MB file to download. Those coming from Android Nougat to O may have to download a larger file.

It took less than five minutes to download the update, install Android O, and fully reboot in time to use the phone. This was a lot faster than we expected.

After using the Google Pixel Android O beta for just under 24 hours this is our impressions on speed, performance, battery life, and Bluetooth.

So far almost everything has been fine. Some of the crashes from the first preview are no longer happening. The software is fast, and connectivity seems great. We've connected to Verizon, AT&T, and tried two Bluetooth speakers with no problems. The same can be said for WiFi. It is stable, connects quickly and hasn't dropped once. We've tried two routers, and connected to both regular and 5G networks. 

Some of the lag from the first release is gone too. Opening apps, pulling down the notification bar and doing other tasks is pleasantly fast. We haven't run into any freezing or reboots of the Pixel, but the camera app crashed once.

WiFi is stable, connects with ease and has yet to experience any drops. 

This is called a beta for a reason, the software isn't finished. Google is working hard on adding in each new feature, making changes, and improving everything. This is no way a finished product, at least not yet.

We recommend waiting for the 3rd beta sometime in June, as that should be more stable and have most of the features fully incorporated. As the release date nears the experience will improve.

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