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Amazon Wedding Registry: 9 Things to Know Before You Sign Up



Are you considering an Amazon Wedding registry to simplify the creation and shopping process for your wedding in 2020? This is what you need to know about using an online wedding registry through Amazon.

Weddings are sure to be a different experience in 2020. With delays, smaller gatherings and fewer people going into stores choosing an Amazon Wedding Registry makes a lot of sense.

Even if all you really want is cash to pay for a honeymoon (next year) or down payment, you practically need a wedding registry if you have any kind of extended family.

Instead of spending all day walking through a store or looking through random items that you don’t actually want or need, you can create a free Amazon Wedding Registry and add all the stuff you want to it.

What is the Amazon Wedding Registry

What you need to know before you choose an Amazon Wedding Registry.

What you need to know before you choose an Amazon Wedding Registry.

The Amazon Wedding Registry is basically a wedding wish list on Amazon. Both of you can add what you want to it, and there are even helpful guides to help you figure out what you may need, which is important if you are upgrading from an apartment to a house.

One of the biggest benefits to an Amazon Wedding Registry is that you can add anything Amazon or a third-party sells to the list, so you don’t need four registries to get everything you want or need.

Creating an Amazon Wedding Registry is free, and even if your planning to make a registry at a store with a physical presence for older friends or family members, it’s a good idea to also have an Amazon registry.

What Are the Amazon Wedding Registry Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits to going with Amazon.

There are many benefits to going with Amazon.

There are a lot of upsides to making an Amazon Wedding Registry that you will like and that your friends and family will like. Right off the bat, it’s great that you can add anything on Amazon to the registry. If you already have all the towels and housewares that you need, you can add a new 4K TV or Xbox One X to the list.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest upsides;

  • 20% off at Amazon after your wedding
  • Free shipping
  • Easy 180-day return window
  • Bonus gifts from select brands
  • Group Gifting
  • 5% Back with Amazon Prime Store Card
  • Financing available
  • You can see what’s inside packages without opening them
  • Gift prioritization lets you pick the gifts that matter the most.

We break down a few of these benefits in more detail below. While you can find these at some other stores, this is a great selection of benefits.

Go Big — Amazon Offers Group Gifting

We all have that one major item that we need to start the next chapter of our lives, but it can be challenging to add to a wedding registry due to the high price tag,

With an Amazon Wedding Registry, people can group together to give towards big items on your registry. These gifts are added to an Amazon gift card that you can use to buy the item when it is fully funded, or that you can use with other money towards that item.

This is a really handy option and you can even set this up to exclude specific items that you don’t want to be eligible for group gifting.

Amazon Wedding Registry Bonus Gifts

If you add enough items from a specific brand and someone buys them, you will get a free gift sent to you. There are currently 10 brands offering a free gift with the Amazon Wedding Registry including;

  • Simplehuman
  • All-Clad
  • Circulon
  • Riedel
  • Anolon
  • Rachel Ray
  • Pfaltzgraff
  • Mikasa
  • Kenmore
  • Lenox

The free gifts are available when people spend more than a set amount on that brand in your registry. The lowest spending amount is $250, with options up to $800. Gifts include personalized skillets, champagne glasses, gourmet cookware, an Elite Blender and more.

How to Save 20% With An Amazon Wedding Registry

After you say "I Do," say yes to 20% off.

After you say “I Do,” say yes to 20% off.

If you are an Amazon Prime member you get a one time use 20% discount after your wedding and if you aren’t you get a 10% off code. You do need to meet some obligations to get this discount.

Amazon Prime members who received $500 to $999 in purchases will get a 20% off code that they can use once to save up to $200 on items sold by Amazon.

Prime Members that receive $1,000 or more get a 20% wedding discount code that can be used on one order of up to $1,500 for a maximum discount of $300.

Non-prime members with over $500 in gifts received to get a one time code for 10% off up to a $1,000 purchase with a maximum discount of $100.

This code will arrive by email after your wedding and you need to use it within 90 days. You cannot get this Amazon coupon if you created your registry 30 days or less before your wedding or if no one buys anything from the registry.

Extended Amazon Wedding Registry Returns

One of the biggest benefits to the Amazon Wedding Registry is that you get 180-day returns on any gift you get. This is super helpful if you get items you aren’t sure if you will need, or if something turns out to not be what you really wanted. Anything you buy from your registry comes with the standard 30 day return period.

See Inside Your Amazon Packages

Amazon makes it easy for people to send the wedding gifts right to you with free shipping. This means you will likely get a lot of Amazon packages. If you want to wait to open some of them, but you still want or need to know what arrived you can use the Package X-Ray app to scan the gift with the Amazon app and then you can see what is inside without opening it up.

You Can Even Add Items from Other Stores

Yes, Amazon sells a lot of stuff, but you may need to add a few items from other stores like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. You can do this with The Amazon Universal Registry.

With this free tool that you install in Chrome on your computer, you can add items from other online stores to your Amazon Wedding Registry. People will need to check out and enter your shipping information at the other store, but it keeps the registry centralized and ensures that everything is tracked.

It Simplifies Wedding Thank You Cards & Messages

Simplify the post wedding thank you process with Amazon.

Simplify the post-wedding thank you process with Amazon.

Amazon keeps track of who got you what items and who contributed to group gifts so that you can easily thank people after the wedding is over.

Sending thank you cards or even messages is frustrating if you can’t remember who got you what, and with Amazon, that problem is solved for most of your gifts.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Amazon Wedding Registry, you can sign up for your free registry today and get started. All you need is your name, your partner’s name, the shipping address for gifts, the wedding date, and location.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jenna

    06/26/2019 at 12:23 pm

    I would 100% not use Amazon registry again. Half of our gifts were never delivered, and the wedding date has now passed. They say what happened is that the items were damaged in transit and they auto-refunded the buyers (but no buyers were ever notified, and the items were still marked as ‘purchased’ on our registry). So, we can either call our family members and tell them their purchase was refunded so..*ahem*…or deal with not having gifts from our registry.

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