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Apple Music Android Release Date Details



The Apple Music Android release date draws close as Apple confirms their commitment to delivering an Android Apple Music app and download this fall. Here is a fast look at what Android users need to know about Apple Music.

In June Apple announced Apple Music and confirmed plans to launch an Android Apple Music app that will allow the service to fully serve families who use Android and iPhone. This also helps users who previously subscribed to the Beats Music service.

Apple did not confirm the exact Apple Music Android release date, but there is a good chance we will know very soon and that we know when the release date announcement will take place.

Apple Music Android Release Date Announcement

Expect the Android Apple Music release date announcement soon.

Expect the Android Apple Music release date announcement soon.

On Wednesday September 9th Apple plans to host a major event with a live stream for users. At this event we expect to see the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and several other Apple devices. We may even see a new iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 alongside the rumored Apple TV. In short there is a lot of stuff to show off at this event.

While Apple Music arrived this summer on iPhone, iPad and Mac, Apple did not announce a specific Apple Music Android release date.

On September 9th the Fall 2015 Apple Event will offer a stage, literally, for Apple to announce the Apple Music Android release date. It is very likely that Apple will use this event to announce the Android Apple Music release date.

What is less certain is exactly when the Apple Music Android app downloads will start.

Apple Music Android Release Date

In an interview with The Guardian Oliver Schusser, vice president of iTunes International addressed the topic at hand telling the publication that the Apple Music Android release date is coming, “in the fall.”

The Apple Music website also lists the Android Apple Music app as “coming this fall.”

Apple recently delivered a series of Apple Music bug fixes and updates with iOS 8.4.1 on the iPhone, and the company is still working to get Apple Music up and running on Sonos, which Shusser also says is coming in the fall. Apple previously confirmed a commitment to deliver this feature in 2015.

Siri is not helpful, but it is possible that the Apple Music Android release date is coming in September.

Siri is not helpful, but it is possible that the Apple Music Android release date is coming in September.

Given all this talk of the fall, it seems possible that Apple will deliver the Android Apple Music release date on September 9th when the event takes place.

Another potential option is to deliver an Apple Music Android download on September 16th, when we expect to see the iOS 9 release date.

If Apple skips both of these dates it is unclear when the Apple Music Android app will arrive.

The odds are very good that Apple will continue to offer a free Apple Music trial for three months to users on Apple Music. The Apple Music family plan allows six users to subscribe for $14.99, and the company may want users who signed up on an iPhone to be able to share the free access with their family members on Android.

Apple also shows an Android app to make switching to iPhone easier as part of the new iOS 9 features, lending to the idea that Apple Android apps are coming in time for September 16th.

Android Apple Music Compatibility

Apple did not announce any Apple Music Android compatibility, but there is a chance that Apple Music will not work on every Android phone.

We often see old devices left out of support for apps that offer streaming options. The odds are good that most recent Android devices will support the Android Apple Music app.Beats Music works on Android 4.0 and up, which many phones sold within the last two to three years are running.

According to Google, over 95% of Android devices that connected to the Google Play Store in early August run Android 4.0 or higher.



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