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AT&T Unlimited Plus vs Unlimited Choice: What to Know Before You Sign Up



There are two unlimited AT&T plans with vastly different options, speeds, and offers. Before you choose the cheaper AT&T Unlimited Choice over the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan.

Yes, you can save $30 a month on the cheaper AT&T Unlimited plan, but you give up a decent amount of speed, features, and even some discounts.

We’ll help you compare the two plans to figure out what you want and what you need. There is no difference in the phones you can use with the AT&T Unlimited plans, so it all comes down to what you need and want from your plan.

AT&T Unlimited Plus vs Unlimited Choice Price

What you need to know about AT&T unlimited data plans. Rob Wilson /

What you need to know about AT&T unlimited data plans. Rob Wilson /

The AT&T Unlimited data plans are $60 and $90 a month for one line. This includes discounts for Auto Pay and paperless billing. You do not get the Auto Pay discount when you pay with a credit card.
You can add additional lines to either plan for $20 a month. There is a hard limit of 10 lines on the plan.

AT&T makes a big deal out of the fact that four lines of AT&T Unlimited Choice being $40 a month per line if you have four lines.

Sign Up for AT&T Unlimited

Ultimately, you can save $30 a month if you give up on a number of options. This discount is only on the first line, so if you are adding more lines, you still only save $30 a month.

Free HBO & DirecTV Discounts

HBOWhile the higher-priced AT&T Unlimited plan is $30 more expensive, you do get two big bonuses. You get free HBO if you on DirecTV NOW or on DirecTV at your home.

If you are a DirecTV customer, you also save $25 a month on your DirecTV bill. For buyers who use both of these features, you get roughly $40 of value, which may make your choice simple. If not, the speed and features should help you decide.

AT&T Unlimited Plus vs Unlimited Choice Speeds

That $30 price difference accounts for a huge difference in speed and ultimately in video quality. If you use your phone to stream a lot of videos or do a lot online and you want unlimited data for high speeds, the AT&T Unlimited Choice plan is not for you.

The AT&T Unlimited Plus speeds are as fast as AT&T currently offers on any plans. You will not see a change in speed from your current plan to this plan.

The AT&T Unlimited Choice plan caps your speed at 3Mbps, which is about as fast as the slowest home Internet connections that you’ll find from AT&T. It’s not optimal if you need high-speed internet access.

AT&T Unlimited Plan Features

How the two AT&T Unlimited plans compare.

How the two AT&T Unlimited plans compare.

With the AT&T Unlimited plans, you get the following features that may limit what you can and cannot do. With both of the plans, you get;

  • Unlimited calling.
  • Unlimited Texting from the U.S. to 120+ countries.
  • Roaming in and unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada

In addition to the speed difference, there are several other differences that you will need to factor into your decision.

The AT&T Unlimited Choice plan does not include a personal hotspot. That means you cannot connect your computer to your phone to share your phone’s internet connection. If you travel and need access to your computer often, you will want to go with the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan.  Even with that plan, you only get a 10GB hotspot per line, so you do not get an unlimited hotspot with this plan.

The cheaper AT&T Unlimited plan only streams standard video, so you won’t get to take full advantage of the beautiful iPhone 7LG G6 or Galaxy S8 screens.

Neither AT&T Unlimited Plan is Totally Unlimited

Once you use 22GB of data on a line AT&T may slow the speeds down. This is even on the more expensive AT&T Unlimited Plus plan.

AT&T specifically says it “may” slow speeds, but there is a chance that you will see slower speeds once you go over the limit on your Unlimited data plan. Here’s more on the practices and why they will slows speeds.

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1 Comment

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