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Battlefield 2018 Wish List: 5 Things We Want



Earlier CTE Launch for Consoles

Earlier CTE Launch for Consoles

If Battlefield 2018 includes a Community Test Environment (CTE), and we imagine it will, we'd love to see console gamers get a crack at it sooner rather than later.

DICE's Battlefield CTE is a place where players can try out unreleased content. This includes game modes on new maps, DLC expansions (new weapons, vehicles, maps etc) bug fixes, and tweaks. Think of it like a beta program. 

The company launched the Battlefield 1 CTE a few weeks after the game's launch in late 2016, but initially it was only available for the Windows PC who owned the Premium Pass.

It took several months for the CTE to reach Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners and our hope is that EA DICE is able to close the gap this time around. 

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