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Battlefield 2018 Wish List: 5 Things We Want



Another Compelling Campaign

Another Compelling Campaign

The Battlefield series is all about intense multiplayer battles in destructible environments which means the single player campaigns often get overlooked. 

The quality of Battlefield 1's single player campaign caught us off-guard. It didn't take 40 hours to complete, but it was fun enough to play more than once. 

For those unfamiliar, the campaign was based around well-crafted "War Stories" that put you into the shoes of different people in different World War I campaigns.

In one War Story you play as a soldier in a tank crew. In another you play as an American pilot. And in another you're a Bedouin Warrior fighting alongside T.E. Lawrence, more popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia. 

Battlefield 1's campaign was more than just a glorified tutorial. Most of the stories were gripping and the combat in some cases was intense. We died more than a few times and came back for more. 

If Battlefield 2018 is based on World War 2, we could definitely see DICE do something similar with soldiers from that conflict.  We'd love to see the developer tell unique stories rather than borrow them from famous World War 2 movies. 

We'd also love to see DICE expand the campaign to include multiple players, either one friend or a fully squad. A co-op campaign is rumored for Battlefield 2018 so there's a chance our wish comes true. 

Battlefield 1's DLC didn't come with any additional stories, but we're hoping Battlefield 2018's expansion packs do. 

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