5 Best Alarm Clock iPhone Apps

Like all things, a good night of sleep must come to an end. Waking up is hard, but with the best alarm clock iPhone apps you can wake up easier or at least happier.

When you switch from the stock iPhone alarm clock app to a more powerful option that plays a soothing sound, offers more control or that can wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle. Waking up doesn’t need to be the low point of your day.

After you try the best alarm clock apps for iPhone, you’ll wonder how you lived with the minimal options on the stock iPhone alarm clock all these years.

The best alarm clock apps for iPhone.

The best alarm clock apps for iPhone.

When you switch to third-party alarm clock apps, you get a ton of new features and options that allow you to customize your wake-up. This can also help you wake up without bothering your spouse or someone sharing your bed.

If you are looking for the best iPhone alarm clock app just to change one or two options you should keep in mind that you can turn down the volume of the iPhone alarm clock based on your ringer volume. You can also shut up someone else’s alarm by calling them, which is perfect if they hit snooze then go take a shower. Here are the five best alarm clock apps you need to check out;

  • Wake Alarm Clock
  • Alarm Clock for Me
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
  • Rise Alarm Clock
  • Loud Alarm Clock

If you need a more powerful alarm clock app to get you up and going in the morning, this is the list that can help you change your morning.

Wake Alarm Clock

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Wake Alarm Clock

The simple stock alarm clock makes it easy to use, but it leaves you without a lot of features. The Wake Alarm Clock app uses a simple interface that is easy to configure, but it offers more options to let you control how you wake up -- or how you snooze your alarm in the morning. 

The Wake Alarm Clock app offers three ways to wake up in the morning. If you hate mornings, you will love the option to slap the screen to snooze the alarm. You can also turn the phone over to snooze or shake the iPhone until the alarm turns off. There's something satisfying about each of these options. 

The shake option requires you to shake the phone until you fill up a bar. This is a handy way of making sure you actually get up and move some. It's unlikely that you will turn it off on this mode while you are half asleep. 

Wake Alarm is $1.99 from the App Store and includes 12 alarm tones. 

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