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Best Android Earbuds Under $100



Yuin PK3

Yuin PK3

So far we've detailed some excellent in-ear headphones or "earbuds" as many like to call them, but not everyone likes the comfort of putting a headphone inside their ear canal. Similar to the old Apple earbuds, the Yuin PK3 simply rest in your ear, but deliver exceptional sound you'll be pleasantly surprised by. They've been making and selling the same headphones for years (I have some PK2s) and that's because they are simple yet sound great.

The Yuin PK3 are the entry level headphones from the company, come in a neat carry case, have four replacement soft tips for comfort, and deliver transparent, clean and smooth sound with decent bass to boot. Many say these sound as good as $150 headphones, and I'd have to agree. It's not a well-known brand, but you'll be surprised by how good they sound. The only downfall is these have no remote or mic for features a smartphone owner would want.

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