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Best Android Earbuds Under $100



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Klipsch S4A-II

Klipsch S4A-II

If you're a fan of Klipsch like myself and previously owned something like the popular S4 or S4a headphones, you'll want to also consider the S4A-II headphones. Designed for Android, these are improved in build and sound quality over the original S4A earbuds, work wonderfully with Android, and deliver great sound.

The deep bass and full range of audio clarity have won these headphones many awards, and is one reason why it took so long for Klipsch to release anything else. These have been popular for years, and are still a great choice coming in slightly cheaper than the new R6 lineup mentioned earlier. They market them specifically for Android, so get them knowing you'll be able to control music, answer call, and anything else you need with the in-line mic and remote.

Buy on Amazon for $86

7 / 7


  1. Stocklone

    01/25/2015 at 8:28 am

    For anybody wearing Klipsch earbuds but they aren’t the biggest fan of the tips, look up Comply foam tips . You have to buy a compatible model. T-100 I think. They are incredibly comfortable and I think they are easier to get a good seal on. I’ve been buying number nothing but Klipsch earbuds since the original Custom series. Paid $250 for those bad boys. Wore them until they broke. Currently rocking the R6 too!

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