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7 Best Android Tablets Under $200



When it comes to finding the perfect Android tablet buyers have a lot of choices in 2015. Whether its for holiday shopping, getting ready for Black Friday, or you’re just looking for a great Android tablet without breaking the bank. Here is our list of the best Android tablets available right now for under $200.

While high-end smartphones and tablets usually get all of the attention, lately a growing trend is high-end experiences for those on a budget. This is in smartphones like the Moto G, or tablets like the new NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1. With Android there is something for everyone, and that’s especially true with tablets.

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In 2015 more and more companies have delivered excellent tablets for affordable prices, and a lot of those are actually under $200. This is the price range most have tried to hit, but doing it successfully is still pretty hard. With that in mind, below we’ll be sharing some of the best Android tablets available today from $50-$200.


The problem with finding a great Android tablet that’s also budget friendly is the fact that there are so many terrible tablets for sale. For every good tablet we find, there are five terrible ones. Chinese knockoffs with what look like high-end specs, $60 tablets from RCA you’ll see during Black Friday, and countless others all look appealing, but offer a terrible experience. That’s what we want buyers to avoid.

Instead, we’ll be suggesting tablets from reputable brands with decent specs, great performance and more all for under $200. Some of these tablets are made to push the limit of price/performance, while others like the Amazon Fire tablets, are sold at a loss but in the end make the company money in other ways.

Android tablets have come a long ways in a few years, and in 2015 there are more choices than ever before. With smartphones getting bigger and bigger the need for a tablet is dropping, and as a result there are countless affordable choices worth considering. There’s something for everyone, so lets get started.



The newest Android tablet to hit the market could be one of the best for this price. We're talking about the brand new NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1. It was announced in November, and is one of the best price to performance tablets on the market.

NVIDIA redesigned the original SHIELD Tablet from 2014, improved the design, camera, speakers, and finish, yet dropped the price by $100. Rather than pay $299 for a decent tablet with a stylus, the SHIELD Tablet K1 is only $199.

The SHIELD Tablet K1 has a powerful NVIDIA Quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, a beautiful 8-inch 1920 x 1200 Full HD display, a micro-SD slot, HDMI-out for gaming on the bigscreen, and should see Android 6.0 Marshmallow before the end of the year. The new SHIELD Tablet K1 doesn't have a stylus, and oddly there's no charger in the box. The company expects almost everyone has a micro-USB charger these days, so they took that out to help reach this excellent price point. 

Our initial hands-on was extremely favorable, and for $199 the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 could be the best tablet to buy as 2015 comes to a close. It's available from NVIDIA, Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and more. The $39 Kickstand Cover is absolutely worth it too, so grab that while you're getting a new slate.

Buy it Now for $199

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1 Comment

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    I really like this tablet thanks for this article
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