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Best App To Catch Up on Coronavirus News Quickly



If you want to quickly catch up on the latest Coronavirus news and then get off the news to focus on other things, SmartNews is the app for you.

With the Covid-19 news hub, you can see the latest Coronavirus stats in the U.S. and abroad, plus the good news of how many patients have recovered. This data is from John Hopkins CSSE.

The hub also highlights the latest Coronavirus news articles, allowing you to quickly skim the headlines, get informed and then get back to living.

Use SmartNews to catch up on Coronavirus news quickly on one tab.

It is important to stay on top of the latest news, but at the same time, you need to be able to focus on other parts of living. Instead of opening up five websites or jumping between several apps, SmartNews pulls all of this together for you into one easy place to catch up.

SmartNews is free and includes news from NBC, Fox News, Politico CNN, and other partners. This makes it easy to quickly see the important Coronavirus news, without being overwhelmed every time you get online.

In the app, you can also see local news, which is surprisingly accurate even in a small city. The app is easy to use and most of the Coronavirus news is contained in that tab.

There are also tabs for Politics, which can help you stay on top of the latest developments. SmartNews also offers Entertainment, Lifestyle and many others.

If your internet connection is spotty or stressed with everyone streaming, you can easily load a slimmed-down version of the content with Smartview.

The Smarnews app is free for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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