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Best Apps for Depression & Anxiety



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Woebot is a chat bot that can help you with depression with the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

One thing I like about Woebot is the conversational manner feels like you are chatting with a friend. You also get emoji and even funny gif replies. There are time sI swear I'm texting with a real person while using Woebot. 

With Woebot you can track your mood, learn about patterns, learn through CBT and you can start to feel better. Woebot is available 24/7 and is just a text away. Woebot will reach out to talk to you, but you can always snooze the conversation to later. 

A recent study at Stanford University found significant reductions in anxiety and depression in 12 to 28 year olds compared to a information only control group. In this study 85% of the participants used the app daily or almost daily. 

Start using Woebot on Facebook Messenger, iPhone, iPad or Android. The app is free to use. 

6 / 6
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