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Best Bluetooth Controllers for Android



Razer Serval Controller

Razer Serval Controller

If you are part of the PC Master Race, and recently started gaming on Android, you'll want to pick up a Razer Serval Controller. They are one of the best in the business, and this is no exception. Personally, I'd say get a SHIELD controller, but they use WiFi Direct and don't work with non NVIDIA devices. So, we're left using the Razer, which is still excellent. 

This one is a little expensive, but it does it all. Users will love the Bluetooth wireless connectivity or the wired micro-USB option. Yes, you can use it both ways. Then the next best thing is the PC-like short keys that don't have much travel. Basically, a faster response time for those intense battle royale sessions. Additionally, the LED lights are a nice touch that many PC fans will appreciate. They don't change though, sadly. 

This controller has the best buttons, in my opinion. They are smooth and easy to press, click easy and fast, and all feel perfectly spaced. I also really like the dedicated Android macro keys, home, back, etc. Then, of course, we have the triggers, bumpers and two AA battery slots for power. It's a little expensive, but if you plan to use it on both Android and the PC it's the best option out there. 

Buy it on Amazon for $79.99

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