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Best Bluetooth Controllers for Android



Mad Catz Mobile GamePad (CTRLR)

Mad Catz Mobile GamePad (CTRLR)

If you're a gamer Mad Catz will need absolutely no introduction. They've been making accessories for any type of gaming console or devices for years. This brand has some of the best desktop and Xbox options on the market. 

The Mad Catz Mobile CTRLR controller is one you won't want to miss. It's a typical Xbox layout and works great with both Android and PCs. They didn't cut any corners with this controller. My favorite feature has to be the integrated media controls for music and video. Meaning it can double as a remote too, if your phone or tablet is sitting on a stand. Or if it's connected to the NVIDIA Shield, which is exactly what I use it for in my living room. 

It has everything you need. Joysticks, D-Pad, ABXY, start, back, sync, shoulder and even trigger buttons. You'll notice a little switch that has three dedicated modes for: Android, PC, and other. This is just for usability.

It takes AA batteries and is rated for about 40 hours of usage. There's also an add-on phone holder that can screw on the back if you'd like. Similar to the MOGA but not attached 24/7 for those who will never game that way. 

Get it on Amazon for $38

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