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Best Chick Flicks On Netflix



One of the best things about having a Netflix account is that you can always kick back, relax, and find a good movie to watch, may it be with your family, your significant other, your gal pals, or even by your lonesome. It’s also a great resource for chick flicks, or any movie that makes women feel real good. If you’re looking for a compilation of the best chick flicks on Netflix, read on.

Since we’re talking about flicks, we’re naturally going to stick to only movies – there will be no TV shows on this list. We also previously compiled a list of the best comedies on Netflix that include a few titles one would say falls under the chick flick category, so if you need more suggestions, check that out as well.

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of titles for you to consider for your next chick flick night:

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

1 hour, 55 minutes

A time-honored chick flick cliché: a handsome man makes a bet that he can win over any woman. Unfortunately for Ben (played by Matthew McConaughey), the challenge he sets his eyes on is Andie (played by Kate Hudson), a gal with a plan of her own. This is the perfect movie to watch if you want to remind yourself that rom-com McConaughey used to exist.


2 hours, 1 minute

Are you a secret Robsten fan? Relive the origins of your fandom with the movie that started it all: Robert Pattinson is Edward, the brooding vampire boy-next-door who finds himself addicted to in love with Bella, the new girl in school played by Rob’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Watching this film is definitely easier and quicker than re-reading the book it was based on.

Two Weeks Notice

1 hour, 41 minutes

Sandra Bullock is the queen of 90s rom-coms, in the same way Hugh Grant is the king. Why not hit two birds with one stone and watch both heavyweights star in this delightful movie about a real estate tycoon with a long list of idiosyncrasies and his right-hand woman, who’s seriously fed up with him? The chemistry between them is undeniable, a clear sign of a winning chick flick.


1 hour, 30 minutes

Do you believe in destiny? Sara (played by Kate Beckinsale) does. Which is why instead of giving Jonathan (played by John Cusack) – a man with whom she spent one magical night in New York City after a serendipitous first encounter – her phone number, she opted to write it down inside a second-hand copy of Love in the Time of Cholera that was about to be sold the next day and left their romance up to fate. This pick is perfect for the hopeless romantics out there.

Kate & Leopold

1 hour, 58 minutes

What happens when a 19th century duke tries to stop a man from jumping off a bridge, but instead falls into a time portal and wakes up in  21st century New York City? With Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman starring as its titular characters, you have the quintessential chick flick fantasy that should be next on your queue.

Y Tu Mamá También

1 hour, 45 minutes

If you’re the foreign film type of person, Y Tu Mamá También should fulfill your every chick flick requirement and more. It stars Mexican heartthrobs Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal before they were famous (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Mozart in the Jungle famous, respectively) as two friends who embark on a road trip with a mysterious and attractive woman.

Working Girl

1 hour, 53 minutes

What do you do when your lady boss steals your idea and takes credit for it? Assume her identity and take it right back! Featuring notable names such as Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, and Harrison Ford, this is an old school chick flick you best not miss.

Someone Like You

1 hour, 37 minutes

After a painful and seemingly senseless breakup, Jane (played by Ashley Judd) tries to make sense of it all by coming up with a theory on men. At the urging of her best friend, she begins an advice column under a pseudonym, and it takes off. Also starring Greg Kinnear, Marisa Tomei, and Hugh Jackman, this is a good movie to see when you’re feeling a little bit bitter and need a little pick me up.

Picture Perfect

1 hour, 41 minutes

Kate (played by Jennifer Aniston) pays videographer Nick (played by Jay Mohr) a thousand dollars to be her fake fiancé so she can angle for a new promotion at work as well as proposition her colleague Sam (played by Kevin Bacon), who doesn’t think she’s “bad enough” for him. Inventing a relationship to progress in one’s career and bag a hot beau? Definitely fodder for chick flick fanatics.

Before We Go

1 hour, 35 minutes                  

If you’re a fan of Mr. Captain America, you’d be interested to know that he actually directed a movie. In his directorial debut, Chris Evans also stars as Nick, a busker who has a chance encounter with a woman failing to catch the 1:30 a.m. train to Boston in Grand Central Station. After finding out that she was mugged, he helps her find her missing purse, a task that leads to a series of events that only seems to happen in New York.

Step Up

1 hour, 43 minutes

Channing Tatum has some serious dance moves. This is the movie that launched his career, where he stars opposite Jenna Dewan – also an awesome dancer – who would soon become known as Jenna Dewan Tatum. Yes, they’re married. If you enjoy dance movies, this is a good one to watch.

Shakespeare in Love

2 hours, 3 minutes

Ever wonder what inspired poet and playwright William Shakespeare to create his works? In Shakespeare in Love, we meet Will (played by Joseph Fiennes) in the midst of working on a comedy, Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter. Viola, a rich merchant’s daughter who’s a big fan of Will’s plays, auditions as a man (because back then, only male actors were allowed onstage). Of course, the ruse doesn’t last and of course, they fall in love. (Like the title implies!)

How To Make An American Quilt

1 hour, 56 minutes

A woman (played by Winona Ryder) about to be married spends the summer with her grandmother and her friends – all of them working on a quilt as a gift to her – who regale her with their personal experiences with love. With so many stories packaged into one well-made movie, this is a good pick to watch with your best friends, preferably while in your pajamas.


1 hour, 31 minutes

This one-of-a-kind story begins after a chance meeting during a meteor shower: Dell (played by Justin Long) and Kimberly (played by Emmy Rossum) explore their relationship over the course of six years through flashbacks and parallel universes. This is the pick if you want an extra oomph to your usual romance film.

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