5 Best Clash of Clans Alternatives
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5 Best Clash of Clans Alternatives



Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2

There are a lot of honorary mentions that deserve to be on this list, but we kept it to five. Users can try Clash or Lords, Supercell's own Boom Beach, Pocket Fort, Star Wars: Commander, Gods of War, Clash of Gods and more, but they're all the same old story but with a different look.

Our last title is another that's very similar to Clash of Clans and is also from IGG.com like the first one on our list. It's called Clash of Lords 2, which is all about heroes but plays like Clash. If you played the first Clash of Lords, you know exactly what to expect. Either way, it is lots of fun. 

Clash of Lords 2 is probably the most popular Clash-like title. It has millions of reviews, almost 50 million downloads, and is basically a re-skinned version of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Lords 2 has over 40 different heroes that can be built and upgraded, the same Clan Wars (Guild Wars) as Clash, and big PvP and PvE battles we've come to love from Clash. This is IGG's answer to Clan Wars, and users are able to battle friends or enemies, which makes it unique and fun all in its own right. Unlike Clash where gems are hard to get, sign-in daily to get more heroes and extra jewels to spend in the game.

It's all the same combat strategy style with fun attacks and defending, grinding your way through upgrades, building big walls and more. Take your pick, and enjoy. That said, late 2017 and early 2018 looks pretty promising for Clash of Clans. The developers are making much better choices regarding updates. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. KD

    01/19/2016 at 9:51 pm

    Fortress Legends is a great alternative! It’s a new game that’s quite unique compared to CoC and all the look-alikes. It’s foremost a defense building game. But there’s a strong element of action RPG because you control a hero to raid other players’ base in teams up to four. Your hero levels up, can take on one of four roles (mage, archer, warrior, assassin), be assigned a variety of abilities, and equipped different equipment that comes from forging. The art is well-designed and doesn’t look like a cartoon. Finally, there’s minimal pressure to pay – I’m one of the top players without paid a cent.

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