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10 Best Clear Cases for the Galaxy S9



MoKo Crystal Clear Bumper Case

MoKo Crystal Clear Bumper Case

If the Spigen case is a little too expensive for you, we have an excellent clear case that's far more affordable. This is the MoKo Crystal Clear Bumper case. 

MoKo uses a design similar to the Spigen from our first slide. This case is completely clear and has soft and flexible TPU material on the sides making it easy to install, absorb impact, and comfortable to hold. Then, they're using a hard polycarbonate shell on the back of the phone. 

Where it differs from most though, MoKo added two additional layers of TPU to all four corners of the case. This way you're getting the ultimate drop-protection in a sleek package. 

Buy it Now for $3.99 on Amazon

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