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5 Best Drone Landing Pads



SunFyreTek XL Launch Pad

SunFyreTek XL Launch Pad

If I had a SunFyreTek XL landing pad for my Drone I doubt I would have a cracked lens on my camera, which happened when a rock or something flew up and damaged it. 

The XL in this slide is completely different from the others in our slideshow, and for a reason. Everyone has different wants and needs, and this one is for those that don't need a super portable setup. 

This landing pad is a lot thicker (and softer) than most of those nylon pads you see on Amazon. Instead, they use a recycled rubber material with a soft fabric finish on the top, in bright yellow. 

We recommend this pad for beginners, as the rubber material will absorb the impact from any rough landings while you're still learning. And while you can roll it up, it's not as foldable as the others on our list. Either way, it's a great option. 

Buy it Now for $29 on Amazon

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