Best External Hard Drives for MacBooks
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Best External Hard Drives for MacBooks



Western Digital My Book

Western Digital My Book

So far it's been about portable hard drives, but if you buy one and all it will do is sit on your desk, a portable hard drive probably isn't the best option. Rather, you should go with a desktop external drive, which will be cheaper overall, and Western Digital's My Book series is a good option to go with.

Not only are desktop drives cheaper, but they can offer way more storage than a portable drive can, as the My Book offers all the way up to 6TB of storage.

With a desktop drive, there's a power cord that you have to plug in, making it less of a portable option for a MacBook, but if you need an external drive mostly just for Time Machine, a desktop drive like the My Book is perfect.

The My Book starts at just under $100 for the 2TB, but that's not the best value at all. Instead, go for the 4TB, which is priced at $125, meaning that the cost per gigabyte is only a measly 3.1 cents!

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