Best External Hard Drives for MacBooks
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Best External Hard Drives for MacBooks



Toshiba Canvio

Toshiba Canvio

If you're looking for an external portable hard drive with more variety in storage options, Toshiba's Canvio series is a good option to take a look at.

The Canvio offers the same USB 3.0 interface as the My Passport Ultra and is also easy to fit in a bag when you're on the go. However, the nice thing about the Canvio is that it comes in a wider range of storage sizes, consisting of 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB.

The 500GB model is priced at $49, which is $10 cheaper than Western Digital's 500GB My Passport Ultra, but if you're looking for the best bang for your buck, the 2TB Canvio is only $94, which comes out to about 4.7 cents per gigabyte.

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