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Best Fast Car Chargers for the Galaxy S8



In this buying guide we’ll explain the benefits of getting a fast car charger for the Galaxy S8 and share a list of the best options available. A Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger comes in the box with each Galaxy S8 or S8+, but you’ll want those same fast speeds while you travel.

Buying the right charger will make a big difference in terms of how fast your phone recharges. A feature called Quick Charge enables newer devices like the Galaxy S8 to charge far faster than devices from a few years ago. Most know about this, but don’t think about buying a fast charging adapter for their car.

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Whether you’re trying to fix bad Galaxy S8 battery life or just want a faster charge, this is one of the easiest methods. Buying any random car charger isn’t going to work. Instead, you’ll want to choose one from a reputable brand. Some in our list are as cheap as $10, while others from Samsung cost a little more. Below we also explain what quick charging is and how it works.

How Quick Charge Technology Works

technology called “Qualcomm Quick Charge” was announced a few years ago, and allows smartphones to recharge faster than ever before. Instead of taking 3 hours to recharge, phones can fill up in around 80 minutes. Additionally, the Galaxy S8 can go from 0-50% in just 20 minutes on a fast charger.

When the battery is below 10%, it charges at an incredibly fast rate and gets nearly 50% battery capacity in under 20 minutes. After 20-30 minutes it goes back to regular speeds (but still fast) to preserve the life of the battery cells. Basically, a 15-20 minute drive will get you over 50% battery, which is enough to last the rest of the night. Below is a preview of how it works on an old Motorola phone. This technology works the same way on Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

One device only received about 22% battery life while the Quick Charge-enabled phone got over 50%. This makes a huge difference and is absolutely worth using daily. As we said above, Samsung’s wall plug features “adaptive fast charging” that works the same way.

However, if you don’t have a fast or quick charge enabled car charger, you won’t enjoy these benefits. Instead, the Galaxy S8 will take nearly 2-3 hours to recharge, and after 30 minutes you’ll still be in the red.

With that said, don’t use an old car charger you have lying around or you’ve used for 2-3 years. Instead, choose a fast car charger from our list of reputable brands below. These will keep your phone and battery safe while delivering the fastest recharge possible.

Anker 24w Quick Car Charger

Anker 24w Quick Car Charger

One of the most popular brands when it comes to smartphone accessories and chargers is Anker. This is what I use and recommend to any friends and family that ask. 

The Anker 24w high output car charger is "Quick Charge 3.0 certified" so it's guaranteed to recharge your phone fast. It's also extremely small and portable, which is nice if you're traveling. 

Buy this and maybe a few extra USB Type-C cables, and you'll be set for years to come. This car charger is Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 certified, so it's future-proof. Meaning if Samsung adds a faster charging system to the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 in 2018, this car charger will still be compatible. 

This charger is small, fast, and more importantly, cheap. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $10.99

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