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Best MicroSD Cards for the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge



64GB PNY Elite U3 MicroSD Card

64GB PNY Elite U3 MicroSD Card

Sticking with 64GB for another minute, check this out. The PNY Elite (or Turbo) U3 lineup is another great choice. These offer some of the best durability and reliability on the market. Built to survive the toughest situations and they have a great warranty. It can handle getting wet just like the water resistant Galaxy S7, and almost anything else you can think of.

The PNY Elits also comes in with blazing fast Class 10, U3 speeds for great performance for gaming, video recording and more. It tops out at 90 MB/s for those who need it. The PNY Turbo lineup is sometimes a few dollars less, but this is still a cheap card with a lot to love.

Buy it Now for $22.99



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