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Best Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging Pads



Original Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

Original Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

Next up is another from Samsung, as it's made by the company and perfect for the Galaxy S8. This is the first original fast charger that came out with the Galaxy Note 5. However, it still works great with the Galaxy S8. 

This is a simple flat pad, made entirely of plastic, and it comes in a blueish black color or white.  It still offers the same fast speeds, works with the Galaxy S6-Galaxy Note 9, but uses a microUSB connection. Meaning if you ever forget the cord, the USB Type-C cable you charge your Galaxy S8 with won't work. Luckily the box includes a wall plug and microUSB cable so you get an extra. Plus, USB cables are easy to find. 

It has a built-in fan for safe temperatures and a halo that glows around the ring so you know when it's charging, or when the phone reaches 100%. Get it from Samsung or even cheaper at Amazon. The white model is even $29.99.

Buy it Now for $29 on Amazon

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