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Best Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging Pads



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Aukey Slim Wireless Charging Pad

Aukey Slim Wireless Charging Pad

If some of these stands or wireless charging pads are too big and bulky we have the perfect solution. The Aukey Slim Wireless Charging pad is one of the smallest available. It's roughly the size of a drink coaster and will fit inside your purse or travel bag with ease. 

Aukey offers a thin and minimalistic charging experience with one small LED light for a visual notification that charging is underway or complete. If there was one negative thing to say about this small, cheap and effective solution is the sleek design. While I love it, there's no rubber or grippy material. Meaning the slippery glass back of the Galaxy S8 could get scratched over time. However, there are rubber feet on the bottom. 

Buy it on Amazon for $26.99 in Black or White

If the Aukey is sold out, get the OMOTOM Ultra-slim charging puck for the same price

5 / 5
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