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5 Best Skins for the Galaxy S9



The best Galaxy S9 skins add a little grip and protection to your phone without the bulk of a case. Skins allow you to change the color of your device, add some customization, or just give it a personal touch. These slim skins don’t offer as much protection as the best Galaxy S9 cases, but they will keep it safe without losing features like wireless charging.

If you hate using a case but want a little extra protection, grip, or friction so your phone won’t slide out of your hands or pocket, this is the easiest route. A Galaxy S9 skin gives you that minimalist feeling and is better than using nothing at all.

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While you can only choose from a few color choices with the Galaxy S9, the best skins allow you to choose from a wide array of colors, textures, fake materials, wood, and styles.  Some of these include hemp, marble, carbon fiber, leather, metal, and even wood. Or, get a completely clear Galaxy S9 skin so you have protection without changing how it looks.

Best Galaxy S9 Skins

  1. dbrand
  2. SlickWraps
  3. Skinit
  4. IQShield Full Skin
  5. Colorware

These skins are easy to install, come in a slew of different materials or colors, and are a great alternative to using a case. Skins are a sticky military-grade material that covers your phone without adding a lot of bulk. Here are a few of the best in no particular order.

dbrand Galaxy S9 Skins

One of the most popular names when it comes to skins for any product is dbrand. They offer Galaxy S9 skins, wraps, and full-body covers. Not only do they have one of the biggest selections, but they also offer a wrap for the camera lens. Since it’s worth protecting as much as the glass on the back.

You can choose from carbon fiber, camo, dragon hide, stone, marble, matte, metal, leather, vivid regular colors or wood for your S9 wrap. They offer skins for the back, around the camera lens, the top front bezel, and even the bottom front. Basically, allowing you to wrap every aspect of the phone aside from the screen. Almost every option or texture comes in multiple colors or finishes too, aside from the new camo.

Remember, you can choose “none” for a completely clear skin. This way your Galaxy S9 gets a little texture and protection without changing the appearance.

Buy a Galaxy S9 dbrand skin starting at $11.95

SlickWraps for Galaxy S9

Another reputable option is Slickwraps, who actually has a massive selection of Galaxy S9 skins, wraps, and decals. Like dbrand, Slickswraps offers a few standard categories. These include wood, colors, leather, stone, carbon fiber and metal. Each one has an array of colors or finishes to choose from. What makes Slipwraps different is they offer a full wrap. As in the back of the phone, the top and bottom on the front, and a cover to protect the camera lens. It’s one package to protect your entire phone.

SlickWraps Hemp Wrap for Galaxy S9

This makes it a little more expensive than dbrand, but you get full 360-degree protection for under $20. We really like the Slickwraps hemp wrap, which adds a very unique texture unlike anything else on the market.

Additionally, Slickswaps offers real wood covers, not just a skin that looks like wood. Alcantara fabric Galaxy S9 wraps, a glow-in-the-dark color, and a full customization option. Meaning you can upload your own texture, finish, or image, and they’ll create and ship you a custom Galaxy S9 skin. Fancy materials like Alcantara fabric cost more than the regular skins.

Buy a Galaxy S9 Slickwrap starting at $19.95

Skinit Galaxy S9 Skins & Wraps

Next up is Skinit, who specializes in offering custom skins for devices with logos or branding. If you’re looking to represent your favorite NFL team on the Galaxy S9, this is how. Skinit offers sports, celebrities, and other popular things like anime, art, or beautiful photographs.

You can choose from officially licensed NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS skins, to name a few. Each offers a variety of options so you can pick the one that you like best from big logos to something more casual like #GoPackGo.

We like that Skinit includes a bunch of DC Comics, Marvel, or Disney skins to fit any users style or preference. So, whether you’re looking for a Harry Potter Skin, anime, or a beautiful sunset wrap, they have you covered. These skins are easy to remove and reposition, if necessary. That said, they don’t offer a camera lens cutout like a few of the other alternatives.

Buy a Skinit for $14.99

IQShield Full Skin & Screen Protector

Why not keep that big curved screen safe at the same time as the rest of your phone. While we could recommend several brands like Bodyguardz to wrap the Galaxy S9, IQShield is one of the best. They have a military-grade film that covers the entire phone, including the screen. This is a Galaxy S9 skin and screen protector all-in-one.

If you want to keep your Galaxy S9 looking brand new without using a case, this is a great option too. They use the same film as screen protectors, only precision cut it to match the entire body of the phone. As in the back, sides, top, bottom and around the headphone jack, and more. It completely protects your entire device.

They even give you an easy installation tray, that way you’ll get the screen protector on perfect your first try. Then, just apply the Galaxy S9 skin to the top, bottom, and sides of the phone and you’re all set. It comes with a lifetime warranty against discoloration or damage, too.

Buy an IQShield Full Skin for the Galaxy S9 for $12.95

ColorWare Galaxy S9 Skins

Last but not least, we have beautiful Galaxy S9 skins and covers from ColorWare. This company uses an authentic 3M material for each skin, giving you a durable and strong wrap for your phone. What makes them different from most is the option to mix and match your skins. Basically, giving your Galaxy S9 a fresh coat of paint without spending a ton of money.

ColorWare doesn’t have the easiest website to navigate when compared to the competition, but they have great skins. Each one fits perfect, and they’ll protect your camera lens too. You can pick from carbon fiber, metal, wood, glass, stone, exotic materials and more. Mix and match a different color for the front and the back, add it to your cart, and you’re all done.

Additionally, ColorWare will engrave a custom message on your skin for just a few more dollars. That way you can make your phone stylish, and have a message, logo, or company name on it at the same time.

Buy ColorWare Skins for Galaxy S9 starting at $14

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