20 Best Galaxy S9 Cases

These are the best Galaxy S9 cases to protect your phone and keep it looking new. With a big 5.8-inch AMOLED display with curved edges, a case is highly recommended. Which is why our buying guide will go over the many different cases available and what they each have to offer.

Samsung’s new phone has a huge edge-to-edge screen and tiny bezels. It looks great, but it’s also more fragile. Don’t worry though, as we’ve found a few different case styles from brands we know, use, and trust.

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Our list offers everything from thin cases, cheap options, heavy-duty protection, and even wallet cases. You’ll find cases as low as $10 which is much cheaper than spending $200 to fix a broken screen. Or, spend a little more to get the most durable cases, from reputable brands. Additionally, we have official Samsung cases for upwards of $45. We’ll continuously update this list once more cases become available.

Protect your Galaxy S9 with a durable case

Galaxy S9 cases come in a slew of different styles, colors, and protection levels. And while we recommend investing in a quality case from Samsung, even cheap $5-$10 TPU case on Amazon is better than nothing. Cheap TPU cases offer plenty of protection in a thin package. The more expensive cases use thicker and durable materials or a premium design with more features, like a wallet or kickstand.

Keep in mind that while the Galaxy S9 looks nearly identical to the Galaxy S8 from 2017, they are different. That means you’ll need a new case if you made the switch. Your Galaxy S9 is IP68 dust and water-resistant too, so you don’t need a waterproof case.

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We hear people say they’ll skip buying a case because they don’t want to cover up the premium design or loose features like wireless charging. Most cases work fine with wireless charging, and we have a few clear cases in our roundup as well. We’re expecting more cases from top brands in the near future.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 is a beautiful phone, but it’s fragile. A case will help prevent damage or scratches to the beautiful screen, and keep the fancy mechanical camera lens safe. You have plenty of cases to choose from. All the biggest brands like Spigen, Incipio, Speck, Otterbox and more have quality cases at affordable prices. If you just bought this phone you’ll want a case. We’ve done the hard work for you, so pick a case from our slideshow below.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Our first recommendation is the Spigen Neo hybrid. Spigen is one of the most popular smartphone accessory manufacturers, and they have some of the best cases on the market. This is one of the best Galaxy S9 cases available. 

The Spigen Neo Hybrid case offers a premium dual-layer design. The entire case is made from a durable and impact-resistant flexible TPU material for drop-protection. They've added a new textured pattern on the back too, for improved grip. 

What makes these cases special though, is the reinforced hard pumper polycarbonate plastic frame that goes around the outer edge of the Galaxy S9. Which, by the way, is where most damage starts from drops. The bumper frame has a faux brushed metal design for added styling too. It comes in black, with 5 different accent colors. 

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