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10 Best Google Pixel 4 XL Cases (2020)



These are the best Google Pixel 4 XL cases available and worth buying in 2020. Google’s phone has a big screen, glass covering the front and the back, and a big panel full of cameras and sensors that all need to be protected. Which is why we highly recommend a case. Buy one of these top Pixel 4 XL cases and keep your phone safe from life’s daily hazards.

Pixel 4 XL cases come in a variety of unique styles, materials and colors. Whether that’s a cheap thin case, clear cases, a premium expensive case made by Google, or durable 10ft military-grade protection. We have all that and more in our roundup below.

We’ve found great cases for as low as $9 that offers plenty of protection. Or, you can get a strong rugged case for a few dollars more from a brand we know and trust. Either way, that’s a lot better than spending $200+ to repair a broken screen.

10 Best Google Pixel 4 XL Cases


1. Spigen Tough Armor Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $13.99

One of the first brands we typically recommend is Spigen, as they offer several different styles and varying degrees of durability. The Tough Armor is our favorite because it’s not too thick but not too thin.

This case features a durable impact-resistant TPU inner shell with a hard polycarbonate shell plastic exterior. Not to mention a nice fold-out kickstand so you can watch Netflix or YouTube hands-free. Spigen has raised edges to protect the screen and camera, easy to press buttons, and a textured power button for ease of use. It’s a great option worth buying.

2. Ringke Fusion-X Rugged Bumper Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $12

Ringke cases are another one that always makes our list. Simply because they’re rugged, durable, and fairly affordable in one sleek package. The Fusion-X has a soft impact-absorbing TPU bumper that wraps arounf the entire clear plastic frame.

The polycarbonate plastic is hard and strong, not to mention see-thru so you’ll still see that Oh So Orange of the Pixel 4 XL still shining through. Then, they wrap the entire thing in TPU for extra protection. You’ll like the built-in quikcatch lanyard hole to attach wrist straps or neck-straps, and it still works with wireless charging.

3. Tech21 EVO Check (Antimicrobial)

Buy it Now from Tech21 for $39.95

If you’re looking for a case that’s mostly about durability more than anything else, consider the Tech21 EVO Check. It might not be the prettiest case, with the clear design and checkered finish, but these are super-tough cases.

Each Tech21 case is thin, lightweight, and strong enough to keep your phone safe from 12ft drops. And now, the new 2019 models come with an antimicrobial finish that protects against bacteria. It’s a great case from a brand we know and trust.

4. Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Buy it Now on Amazon for $10.99

This next case is another one from Spigen, and it’s actually my personal favorite. If you like an overly rugged case get the Tough Armor, but if you want something that’s a little thinner and stylish we can’t recommend the Liquid Air Armor enough.

It has a slim, form-fitting design and an anti-slip matte surface to help with fingerprint-resistance and added comfort. That’s on top of air cushion technology in the corners, raised edges, and easy to press buttons. This is the case I typically use on my phones.

5. Google Knit Fabric Cases

Buy it Now from Google for $40

Like most years, Google has several stylish cases they’ve made themselves specifically for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. That or they’ve partnered with trusted brands. The new Google Knit Fabric cases look great, and are stylish unlike anything else on our list.

Each Fabric case has raised edges to aid in protecting the screen and camera, plus a splash and stain-resistant coating applied over the fabric. Better yet, the inside has a lining of soft microfiber to keep everything safe, clean, and scratch-free. It’s not the most protective case, but they sure look good.

6. Caseology Solid Flex Clear Case

Buy it Now on Amazon for $13

The Caseology Flex clear case is a thin and flexible all TPU case made to keep your phone safe in a thin and affordable package. TPU cases are some of the most popular as they’re very good at absorbing shock from drops or accidents.

If you bought that fancy Orange Pixel 4, or even the white model, you don’t want to cover it up with a case. So, get this completely clear Caseology case and keep it safe for years to come.

7. MNML Ultra-Thin Case

Buy it Now from MNML for $27

Some people hate how big and bulky cases make their phones, and even most “thin” cases still make phones feel like a brick in your hands. That’s where the MNML case comes in. They’re using an extremely thin layer of polycarbonate plastic precision-molded to fit the Pixel 4 XL.

This case offers the least amount of protection in our roundup. However, it is perfect for people that want a little extra grip, and protection against life’s little scrapes and bumps, but not a full case.

8. TUDIA Merge Heavy-Duty Protection

Buy it Now on Amazon for $9

A popular style when it comes to smartphone protection is “Dual-Layer” cases. These offer the best two materials for keeping phones safe — polycarbonate and TPU both. The TUDIA Merge series is exactly that.

You get a tough, thin and flexible TPU case that covers the entire phone and extends beyond the screen to keep it safe too. Then, there’s an extra layer of hard polycarbonate plastic that comes in several colors. This way you get more protection and a good-looking case at the same time.

9. UAG Plasma Series Case

Buy it Now from UAG for $39.95

Urban Armor Gear makes some of the strongest cases around, but the look isn’t for everything. They have a somewhat industrial design, but it’s one that works, and works well. The UAG Plasma case has a featherlight construction all while still delivering a tough armor shell and impact resistant soft core inside.

You’ll notice the case has oversized dual-layer corners for extra drop protection, raised edges to keep the screen and camera safe, and oversized tactile buttons. These are great for outdoorsy people, those who constantly drop phones or someone that just wants a little more durability than a typical cheap TPU case.

10. Speck Presidio Grip Case

Buy it Now from Speck for $39.95

Last but not least, for now, is the Speck Presidio Grip. This is a case we always recommend as it’s hands-down one of the best options you can buy. You’ve probably seen Speck cases at carrier stores, Best Buy, and on phones your friends and family use. They sell them everywhere.

Speck’s Presidio Grip cases have a hard polycarbonate plastic shell and inner skeleton, along with raised rubber ridges for a no-slip grip. That same TPU rubber material squeezes through slits in the frame to make the entire case easy to hold and super durable. They promise 10ft drop protection and each Speck case has an antimicrobial coating to keep things clean. It comes in a few different colors and will surely keep your Pixel 4 XL safe.

We’ll update this post with more of the best Pixel 4 XL cases as they’re released and we test them out. For more info on the Pixel 4 check out the video below.

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