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10 Best Honor 7X Cases



These are the best Huawei Honor 7X cases to protect your phone and keep it looking new. With a big 5.9-inch display and thin bezels, a case is highly recommended. Our buying guide below will go over the many different cases available and what they each have to offer.

Like recent phones from Apple and Samsung, the new Honor 7X comes with a nearly bezel-free screen. Basically, the front is all display. This makes it look great, but also more fragile. Don’t worry though, as we’ve found multiple different case styles from brands we know, use, and trust.

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Our list offers everything from thin cases, heavy-duty protection, kickstand cases, or really cheap yet durable cases. You’ll find some cases as low as $7, which is better than paying $150+ to repair a broken screen. Some of the most durable cases cost a few dollars more or have additional features like a wallet or kickstand. We’ll continuously update this list as more cases are released.

These are the Best Honor 7X Cases

While we recommend investing in a quality case from a reputable brand, even cheap $6-$7 TPU case is better than nothing. In fact, some of those cheap TPU cases offer the most protection. The more expensive options offer thicker and durable materials or a premium design.

The new Honor 7X looks nothing like the Honor 5X or 6X from previous years. Meaning if you recently upgraded from one of those you’ll need a new case. The bigger bezel-free screen and dual cameras need a new case.

Additionally, many users skip buying a case because they don’t want to cover up the premium design. If so, consider one of our clear cases. They give you the best of both worlds.

Another reason we highly recommend a case is to protect the new dual camera system on the back. They protrude slightly out of the body and are prone to damage or scratching. A case keeps them completely safe. While some of the biggest brands like Incipio or Otterbox have yet to launch Honor 7X cases, owners still have multiple options to choose from. We’ve done the hard work for you, so pick a case from our slideshow below.

KuGi Premium Soft TPU Case

KuGi Premium Soft TPU Case

Considering the impressive Honor 7X is only $199, you'll likely have a few dollars left over to buy some cases and accessories. If so, one of the first cases we recommend comes from KuGi. 

The KuGi Premium Soft TPU case is the perfect mix of premium design, styling, and protection. They use a fancy faux leather design, slip-resistant textured sides, and a raised bezel around the cameras and display. That way you won't accidentally drop the Honor 7X. And if you do, the reinforced corners and shock-absorbing TPU material will take all the force, and keep your phone safe. 

This case from KuGi is all TPU, but it looks like a premium hard plastic and leather case. They've managed to create some of the best cases lately, and we can recommend this without hesitation. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $9.50 in four color choices 

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1 Comment

  1. Harsh Kumar

    02/10/2018 at 7:59 am

    Hi! Thanks for providing this list of best cases for Honor 7X phone. I am going to buy one of these cases for my Honor 7x mobile phone. I think a back cover will suit best.

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